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Thesis Advisor田长彦
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Place of Conferral新疆乌鲁木齐
Degree Discipline工程硕士
Keyword土壤锂浸提方法 土壤锂测定 锂流域分布特征 三工河流域 soil Lithium extraction method soil Lithium assay soil Lithium speciation Sangong River basin
AbstractA large number of experiments have proved that the arid area of salt-tolerant plantsenrich Lithium ion ,also low dose of Lithium was beneficial to plant growth and the humanbody. So far, soil agricultural analyses were lack of extraction methods of Lithium ion.Therefore, The study took the methods of laboratory research with field investigationcombined , discussed the extraction methods of soil available Lithium, soil exchangeableLithium, soil total Lithium and water soluble Lithium . Based on this method , soil Lithiummorphology and distribution of the Sangong River Basin (FuKang) were studied. Thestudy has important scientific significance and practical value.The main results were asfollows:(1) The extraction methods of soil available Lithium, soil total Lithium, soilexchangeable Lithium and soil water-soluble Lithium have been preliminarily determined.extraction method of available Lithium: the ratio of soil to solvent was 1:10, under thecondition of 1mol/L CH3COOH concussed 6min(200r/min) , the extraction effect was thebest; extraction method of total Lithium: the ratio of soil to solvent of 1:100, under theconditions of concentrated nitric acid and perchloric acid volume ,when the ratio of 3:1 ,the extraction effect was the best; extraction methods of exchangeable Lithium: under thesame experimental conditions, ammonium chloride as extracting agent, the exchangeableLithium leaching effect was the best; extraction methods of water soluble Lithium :in thematerial ratio of 1:10, under the condition of concussed 9min(200r/min) ,the extractioneffect was the best.(2) The effect of pH on the availability of soil Lithium was demonstrated .Underacidic conditions, with the increase of pH value, the content of soil available Lithium wasreduced; under alkaline condition, with the increase of pH value, the content of Lithiumincreases. (3) The morphology and distribution characteristics of Lithium in the soil and water indifferent regions of the basin were preliminarily recognized. There was a significantpositive correlation between the content of soil total Lithium and soil available Lithium inSangong river basin. The distribution characteristics of Lithium content in water and soilshow an increasing trend from upstream to downstream. The content of upstream soilLithium in the lower layer was highest, the content of downstream soil Lithium in themiddle and lower layers was highest, the content of soil Lithium of desert area in the upperlayers was highest.
Other Abstract论文针对干旱区耐盐植物富集锂离子及锂离子对人体的有益作用,而目前土壤农化分析中缺少锂离子的浸提方法的问题,采取了实验室研究与野外调查相结合的研究方法,探讨了土壤有效态锂、全量锂、交换态锂、水溶态锂的浸提方法,在此基础上研究了新疆三工河流域上游到下游土壤及水体的锂形态与分布特征。论文选题具有重要的科学意义和应用价值。论文取得如下主要进展:(1)初步确定了土壤有效态锂、全量锂、交换态锂、水溶态锂的浸提方法。有效态锂的浸提方法:在土液比 1:10 的条件下,1mol/L CH3COOH 在 200r/min 震荡6min 时 Li 的浸提效果最好;全量锂的浸提方法:在土液比 1:100 的条件下,浓硝酸与高氯酸的体积比为 3:1 时浸提效果最好;交换态锂的浸提方法:在相同的实验条件下,氯化铵作为浸提剂时,交换态锂的浸提效果最好;水溶态锂的浸提方法:在土液比 1:10 的条件下,在 200r/min 震荡 9min 时水溶态锂的浸提效果最好。(2)探明了酸碱度对土壤锂的有效性的影响。在酸性条件下,随着 pH 值增大,锂的含量减少;在碱性条件下,随着 pH 值增大,锂的含量增多。(3)初步认识了流域不同区域土壤和水体锂的形态及分布特征。三工河流域土壤全量锂与有效态锂的含量呈显著正相关关系。土壤和水体锂的分布特征是从上游到下游呈增加趋势。上游锂在土壤下层含量最高,下游锂在土壤中下层含量最高,荒漠区土壤锂在上层含量最高。
Subject Area生物工程
Document Type学位论文
First Author Affilication中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所
Recommended Citation
GB/T 7714
许云青. 土壤中不同形态锂的浸提方法及应用[D]. 新疆乌鲁木齐. 中国科学院大学,2017.
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