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天山中东部树轮宽度与 NDVI 的关系
Thesis Advisor于瑞德
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Place of Conferral新疆乌鲁木齐
Degree Discipline理学硕士
Keyword天山中东部 树轮宽度 NDVI 气候因子 eastern and middle Tianshan Mountains tree-ring width NDVI climatic factors
Abstract利用天山东部巴里坤山上下限雪岭云杉(Picea schrenkiana)、 西伯利亚落叶松(Larix sibirica Ledb.)和天山中部石河子地区雪岭云杉树轮数据和 1982-2013年 GIMMS 3g NDVI 逐月数据及气候数据,分析了不同地区、不同海拔、不同树种间树轮宽度指数、归一化植被指数及气候因子之间的关系。结果表明:(1)天山东部巴里坤地区下限树轮年表统计特征比上限更显著,含有更多的气候信号;西伯利亚落叶松平均敏感度(M.S.)、信噪比(SNR)、样本的总体代表性(EPS)和第一特征向量百分比(PC1)等参数均低于雪岭云杉。天山中部石河子地区雪岭云杉年表统计特征高于天山东部。(2)在生长季的不同时期 NDVI 与气候环境因子的响应不同。天山东部巴里坤地区 5 月 NDVI 主要受 4 月、 5 月平均气温和最高气温影响; 6 月 NDVI 受6 月平均气温和上一年 11 月到当年 3 月 PDSI 影响; 9 月 NDVI 主要受 6 月平均气温和 5 月到 9 月 PDSI 影响;生长季 NDVI 均值与年均 SPEI 值在 1-12 月尺度相关性较好,显著性水平超过 0.01。天山中部石河子地区 NDVI 主要受降水的影响,其年内变化趋势基本一致且有一定的滞后作用。(3)天山东部森林上限雪岭云杉树木径向生长与气温正相关,与上一年 10月、当年 4 月、 6 月和 7 月气温达到显著水平(p<0.05),树轮宽度指数和非生长季 PDSI 相关性较好;森林下限树木径向生长与气温负相关,树轮宽度指数与生长季 PDSI 相关性较好。天山东部下限西伯利亚落叶松与上一年 7 月-10 月、当年 6 月-10 月降水和上年 11 月到当年 3 月 PDSI 负相关性显著。天山中部山区雪岭云杉径向生长主要与 5 月、 6 月、 7 月气温负相关,与 6-12 月 SPEI 有 12 到20 个月尺度的正相关关系。(4)由于对气候因子的响应一致,天山东部上限雪岭云杉轮宽指数和 6 月NDVI 显著正相关(p<0.05),但与植被生长最为茂盛的 7 月、 8 月 NDVI 没有显著的相关性;下限雪岭云杉与非生长季 1 月、 2 月、 12 月 NDVI 值相关性较好。西伯利亚落叶松与归一化植被指数相关性一般。天山中部雪岭云杉与 9 月 NDVI最大值相关性高达 0.68,通过 0.01 显著性水平检验。
Other AbstractThe tree-ring width chronologies of Picea schrenkiana and Larix sibirica Ledb inthe eastern Tianshan Mountain from both upper and lower forest lines and in themiddle Tianshan Mountain were established. The relationship between tree-ring widthchronologies, meteorological factors and Normalized Difference Vegetation Indexwere analyzed. The results indicated that(1) The statistical characteristics of chronology in the region of the BlikunMountain’s lower tree-line are more significant than the upper tree-line. The statisticalcharacteristics of chronology of the Larix sibirica Ledb like mean sensitivity (M.S.),coefficients of correlation (R1, R2), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), express populationsignal (EPS) and the percentage variance of the first eigenvalue (PC1) are lower thanPicea schrenkiana. The statistical characteristics of chronology in the middleTianshan Mountain are higher than which in the eastern of the Tianshan Mountain.(2) Responses of NDVI to environmental factors were different in differentperiods of growing season. NDVI of May in the eastern of Tianshan Mountain wasmostly influenced by the mean temperature and the maximum temperature of Apr andMay. NDVI of June was positively correlated with PDSI from previous December tocurrent March, and mean temperature of June. NDVI of September was mostlyinfluenced by the temperature of June and PDSI from current May to September. Themean NDVI of the whole growing season was significantly correlated with the yearlySPEI average among the time-scales of 1-12 months. NDVI of the region of Shiheziin middle Tianshan Mountain was mostly influenced by the precipitation that theirtrends of yearly change were similar.(3) NDVI of different month among the growing season shows differentresponse with meteorological factors. Stem radial growth of Picea schrenkiana of theupper forest line in the eastern Tianshan Mountain was positively correlated withtemperature, especially in previous October and current April, June, July, and we (4) found a strong relationship between tree-ring-width index and PDSI ofnon-growing season. Contrary to the upper line, tree-ring width chronology of the lowforest line was negatively correlated with temperature and there was a strongrelationship between tree-ring-width chronology and PDSI of growing season. Stemradial growth of Larix sibirica Ledb of the lower forest line in the eastern TianshanMountain was negatively correlated with precipitation, especially in previous July toOctober and current June to October. There was a negative correlation betweentree-ring width index of Picea schrenkiana in the middle Tianshan Mountain andtemperature of May、 June、 July. There was a positive correlation between stem radialgrowth and SPEI from June to December at the time-scales from 12-20 months.(5) Since both dominated by the common climatic factor, the tree-ring-widthindex of the upper line had a good correlation with NDVI of June. However, NDVI ofJuly and August poorly correlated to the tree-ring width even if the plants were at thethickest stage. Unlike the upper line, the stem radial growth of lower line waspositively related to NDVI of non-growing season like Jan、 Feb、 Dec. There was apoor relationship between stem radial growth of Larix sibirica Ledb and NormalizedVegetation Index. The correlation coefficient of stem radial growth of the Piceaschrenkiana in the middle Tianshan Mountain and maximum NDVI of September was0.68.
Subject Area自然地理
Document Type学位论文
First Author Affilication中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所
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GB/T 7714
郭艳飞. 天山中东部树轮宽度与 NDVI 的关系[D]. 新疆乌鲁木齐. 中国科学院大学,2018.
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