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Thesis Advisor徐海量
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Place of Conferral新疆乌鲁木齐
Degree Discipline理学硕士
Keyword胡杨 点云数据 三维扫描 树木年轮 塔里木河下游 Populus euphratica Point cloud The downstream of Tarim River Three dimensional scanning
Abstract胡杨生物量是评价荒漠河岸林生态系统服务功能的重要指标。受水分条件的影响,塔里木河下游胡杨个体形态差异大,而己有的生物量估算研究未将树形差异考虑在内。为解决树形差异给生物量的准确估算带来的难题,在无破坏性采样的前提下,本文利用胡杨径向生长量、树干三维信息和枝轴分布数据,借助树木年轮方法和三维点云数据处理算法,充分考虑胡杨的树形差异,分析了不同高度树干年生物量的相关性,提出了树干体积计算算法,构建了基于三维扫描技术的树干体积估算模型,揭示了胡杨生物量分配规律。研究结果表明: 1)胡杨树干不同部位的径向生长量存在显著的相关性(Pearson相关系数为0.878 )。结合树干密度和树干不同高度处的径向生长量,构建出可以精确估算树干不同部位年生物量的模型; 2)使用三维扫描仪获取了91株胡杨树干三维信息,提出了树干点云数据的体积算法,构建了胡杨树干体积估算模型;此方法无需破坏性采样,并且可以克服个体树形差异,有效地提高了树干生物量估算的准确性; 3)利用335株胡杨的树高和胸径调查统计信息,157株胡杨的一级枝、二级枝的基径和枝长、数量信息(包括79株树统计了三级枝的基径和数量),30株树胡杨的三级枝枝长信息,构建了典型胡杨的枝轴组合模型,估算出单株胡杨树干一树枝的生物量分配比例,典型胡杨的树干、一、二、三级枝生物量的比值为27.75: 3.25: 1.99: 1 。本研究首次综合运用树木年轮技术、三维扫描技术及点云数据算法,创建了胡杨单株生物量计算模型,破解了以往胡杨生物量研究中采样毁坏性大(多为砍伐),模拟精度偏低(个体树形变异明显)的瓶颈问题,为其他珍稀树种生物量估算提供科学参考。
Other AbstractPopulus euphratica biomass is an important indicator for evaluating the servicefunctions of the desert riparian forest ecosystem. Due to the influence of waterconditions, the individual forms of P euphratica differ greatly in the lower reaches ofthe Tarim River, and the existing biomass estimation studies take into account thedifferences in the trees. In order to solve the difficulties brought about by the accurateestimation of biomass from tree-shape differences, without using destructive sampling,this paper uses the radial growth of the P. euphratica, the three-dimensionalinformation of the trunk, and the data of the branch axis, using the tree-ring methodand three-dimensional point cloud. The data processing algorithm fully considers thetree shape difference of P. euphratica, analyzes the correlation of tree trunk biomassat different heights, proposes a tree trunk volume calculation algorithm, constructs atree trunk volume estimation model based on three-dimensional scanning technology,and reveals the distribution law of biomass of P. euphratica. The results showed that: 1) There was a significant correlation between the radial growth of different partsof the trunk of P euphratica (Pearson correlation coefficient was 0.878). Combinedwith the tree trunk density and the tree ring growth at different heights of the trunk, amodel that can accurately estimate the annual biomass of different parts of the trunkwas constructed. 2) Using the three-dimensional scanner to scan 91 P euphratica, three-dimensional information of the tree trunk was obtained, a volumetric algorithm of thetrunk point cloud data was proposed, and a trunk volume estimation model of the Peuphratica was constructed; this method does not require destructive sampling, andcan overcome tree differences among individual tree, and is effective to improve theaccuracy of the estimation of the trunk biomass; 3) Using the tree height and DBH survey data of 335 P euphratica, the basaldiameter and branch length and number information of first and second branches of 157 P euphratica (including 79 trees, the base diameter and number of third-gradebranches were counted). Based on the information of the tertiary branch lengths of 30P euphratica, the branch axis model of typical P euphratica was constructed toestimate the biomass distribution ratio of trunk-tree branches of P euphratica and thetrunk, primary, secondary and tertiary branches of P euphratica. The ratio of thequantity is 27.75:3.25:1.99:1. In this study, the tree ring technology, three-dimensional scanning technology,and point clouds algorithm were comprehensively applied to create a biomasscalculation model for each tree of P euphratica. The former had a large amount ofdestruction (mostly felling), and the simulation accuracy was biased. The trickyproblem of low accuracy (due to obvious morphological variation in individual tree)was overcame and this research provides a scientific reference for biomass estimationof other rare tree species.
Subject Area生态学
Document Type学位论文
First Author Affilication中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所
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GB/T 7714
黄运梅. 塔里木河下游胡杨地上生物量估算[D]. 新疆乌鲁木齐. 中国科学院大学,2018.
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