Alternative TitleMetal interacting carbonic anhydrase of Dunaliella viridis and pseudomonas stutzeri
Syed Muhammad Iqbal Azimuddin
Thesis Advisor潘响亮
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Place of Conferral北京
Degree Discipline理学博士
Keyword耐盐性碳酸酐酶 同源建模 汞结合蛋白 泛基因组分析 锌金属相互作用 汞毒性 细胞外聚合物 Halotolerant Carbonic anhydrase homology modeling Mercury binding proteins pan genomic analysis Zinc metal interaction Mercury Toxicity Extra Cellular polymeric substance
Abstract汞是一种有毒元素,它能损伤细胞体系的许多生理功能。在汞污染的环境中生存下来的细菌,会获得或者激活某些基因,这些基因能够将金属汞转化为无毒形式的汞。在高盐和有毒金属的压力胁迫下,基因构成和蛋白质包括一些酶会发生特定的变化,以应对不利的环境。碳酸酐酶是一种普遍存在的与呼吸系统疾病和癌症相关的酶。我们通过生物信息学分析,包括同源性建模、锌金属相互作用预测、碳酸酐酶序列分析和汞解毒/碳酸酐酶基因的 pan 基因组分析,探讨了微生物对高盐和高汞环境的应对策略。结果表明,为了应对不利环境,碳酸酐酶表面获得了较多的酸性残基,可能形成了带正离子的盐桥。这样可以减少其表面积,同时还能拥有更多的极性残基。在研究和模拟的结构中,锌与组氨酸残基氮之间的相互作用非常保守,只在催化区域的序列模式有少量变化。Pan 基因组分析显示,碳酸酐酶和汞结合蛋白的基因都位于独特的、共享的核心区域,表明这些基因存在多个拷贝。本研究将有助于了解高盐、高汞胁迫环境下耐盐微生物的典型特征和遗传迁移元件。基因组结构的典型变化是由环境因素引起,这种变化不仅由环境中非生物组分驱动,也受到生物组分驱动。
Other AbstractMercury is a toxic element and compromise many physiological functions ofcellular system. Bacteria survive in Mercury contaminated environment acquired oractivated genes responsible to convert metallic mercury to their non-toxic form. Undersalt and toxic metal stress condition, genetic make-up and proteins including someenzymes undergo specific changes to combat the posed harsh environment. Carbonicanhydrase is ubiquitous enzyme associated with respiratory disorder and cancerouscondition.We investigated strategies adopted by microorganisms to cope hypersaline andmercury prevailing conditions by bioinformatics analysis including homologymodeling, Zinc metal interaction prediction, sequence analysis for Carbonic Anhydraseand pan genomic analysis for mercury detoxification/Carbonic Anhydrase genes.Our results showed that carbonic anhydrase acquired more acidic residues on itssurface as countermeasure and may form salt bridges with positive ions. It also reducedits surface area and had more polar residues. Zinc metal interaction with Nitrogen ofHistidine residues were almost conserved in the studied and modelled structure withfewer changes in catalytic region of sequence pattern.Pan genomic analysis revealed genes of carbonic anhydrase and mercury bindingproteins were located in unique shared and core regions, indicating multiple copies ofsuch genes. This study will help to understand the halotolerant typical attributes andgenetic mobile elements engaged in hypersaline and mercury stressor environment.The typical change in the genomic frame work is induced by environmental factorand such change is driven by not only abiotic component of the environment but alsothe biotic components.
Subject Area生态学
Document Type学位论文
First Author Affilication中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所
Recommended Citation
GB/T 7714
Syed Muhammad Iqbal Azimuddin. 杜氏藻属和假单胞菌的碳酸酐酶与金属间的相互作用研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院大学,2019.
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