Alternative TitleApplicability study on estimation methods of reference crop evapotranspiration in Turpan Basin
Thesis Advisor于瑞德 ; 于洋
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Place of Conferral北京
Degree Discipline理学硕士
Keyword参考作物蒸散量 FAO-56 PM 公式 辐射法 温度法 蒸发皿蒸发量 吐鲁番盆地 Reference crop evapotranspiration FAO-56 PM equation Radiation methods Temperature methods Pan evaporation Turpan Basin
Abstract参考作物蒸散量(Reference Crop Evapotranspiration,简称 ET0)是估算实际蒸散量的重要参数,也是计算作物需水量的关键因子。 目前常用的 ET0 估算方法有很多种,各方法所需要的参数不同,估算精度存在一定程度的差异。 本文分析了吐鲁番盆地各气象因子的变化特征, 利用温度法和辐射法计算了吐鲁番盆地的参考作物蒸散量, 分析了影响 ET0 变化的敏感因子; 以 FAO-56 PM 公式为标准,分别从年、 月尺度上来评价并修正各方法在吐鲁番盆地的适用性, 分析了各方法产生偏差的原因; 建立了 FAO-56 PM 公式计算结果和蒸发皿观测的水面蒸发量之间的关系。 主要结论如下:(1) 2000—2017 年吐鲁番盆地年平均气温以 0.53 ℃/10a 的速率呈显著上升趋势;年日照时数下降趋势不显著,气候倾向率为 71.90 h/10a;年平均相对湿度以 2.81 %/10a 的速率呈显著下降趋势;年平均风速以 0.22 m/s/10a 的速率呈显著上升趋势。 受气温上升、 日照时数减少、 平均相对湿度减小和风速增大的影响,2000—2017 年吐鲁番盆地 ET0 呈显著增加趋势。(2) 吐鲁番盆地影响标准 ET0 的首要气象因子是太阳辐射,其次是饱和水汽压和净辐射。(3) 影响辐射法计算结果偏差的主要因子是风速和净辐射;影响温度法计算结果偏差的主要因子差异较大, H-S 和 I-A 方法计算结果偏差的主要因子是饱和水汽压差, Traj 和 Bert 方法计算结果偏差的主要影响因子分别是风速和温差。(4) 修正后,各 ET0 方法误差明显减小且普遍无显著差异,修正后的 Bert、M-H、 P-T、 D-K 和 I-A 方法可作为吐鲁番盆地 ET0 简化估算方法。(5) 利用蒸发皿系数得到的蒸发皿估算的参考作物蒸散量与 FAO-56 PM 公式计算结果较为一致,在吐鲁番盆地可以采用水面蒸发量估算参考作物蒸散量。
Other AbstractReference crop evapotranspiration (ET0) is an important parameter to estimationthe actual evapotranspiration, and also a key factor to calculate crop water demand. Atpresent, there are many commonly used ET0 estimation methods, each method requiresdifferent parameters, and the estimation accuracy is difference to some extent.In this paper, the change characteristics of each meteorological factor are analyzed,and the temperature methods and radiation methods are employed to calculate thereference crop evapotranspiration in Turpan Basin, while the sensitive factors that affectthe change of standard ET0 are analyzed. With FAO-56 PM equation as the standardmethod, the estimation accuracy of each method is evaluated and corrected on theyearly and monthly scales, and the causes of the deviation of each method are analyzed.The relationship between the calculation results of the FAO-56 PM equation and thewater surface evaporation measured by pan evaporation is established. The results areas follows:(1) From 2000 to 2017, the annual average temperature in Turpan Basin increasedsignificantly at the rate of 0.53 ℃ /10a. The trend of annual sunshine hours is notsignificant, and the climate tendency rate is 71.90 h/10a. The annual average relativehumidity decreased significantly at the rate of 2.81 %/10a. The annual average windspeed increased significantly at the rate of 0.22 m/s/10a. Influenced by increase inaverage temperature, decrease in sunshine hours, decrease in average relative humidityand increase in average wind speed, ET0 in Turpan Basin increased significantly from2000 to 2017.(2) Rs is the main meteorological factor affecting the standard ET0 of Turpan Basin,followed by es and Rn.(3) U2 and Rn are the main meteorological factors that affect the deviation of thecalculated values of radiation methods; The main meteorological factors influencingthe deviation of the calculated values of temperature methods are quite different. The main factors of H-S and I-A methods are VPD, and the main factors of Traj and Bertmethods are U2 and Tn, respectively.(4) After the modification, the accuracy of each method on the yearly and monthlyscales has been significantly improved, and there is no significant difference with FAO-56 PM equation. The Bert, M-H, P-T, D-K and I-A methods have the best estimationresults, which can be used as the simplified ET0 estimation methods for the TurpanBasin.(5) The reference crop evapotranspiration estimated from the pan evaporationobtained by Kpan is consistent with the calculation results of FAO-56 PM equation. Inthe Turpan Basin, the evaporation of the reference crop can be estimated using the watersurface evaporation.
Subject Area自然地理学
Document Type学位论文
First Author Affilication中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所
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GB/T 7714
范留飞. 参考作物蒸散量计算方法在吐鲁番盆地的适用性研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院大学,2020.
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