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Field level assessment of soil organic matter and nutritional dynamics under vegetated and non vegetated ecosystems in Hotan River Basin, Xinjiang, China 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, beijing, 2013-03-09
作者:  Lei JQ(雷加强)
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塔里木沙漠公路防护林工程抽水的地下水响应 会议论文
2012 IEEE, shanghai, 2012-06-01
作者:  范敬龙;  王永东;  雷加强;  徐新文
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Relation between surface properties of photosynthetic organs of 10 species of shrubs and their dust-retaining capabilities in the hinterland of Ta 会议论文
Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (RSETE), 2012 2nd International Conference on, shanghai, 2012-06-01
作者:  Li SY(李生宇);  Lei JQ(雷加强);  Xu XW(徐新文);  Jin ZZ(靳正忠)
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Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil salt under saline irrigation in Taklimakan Desert artificial shelterbelt 会议论文
2012IEEE, beijing, 2012-06-01
作者:  Li CJ(李从娟);  Wang YD(王永东);  Lei JQ(雷加强);  Xu XW(徐新文)
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Characteristics of Biomass Allocation and Root Distribution of Halogeton glomeratus under Different Rainfall Conditions 期刊论文
Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 卷号: 518, 期号: 523, 页码: 5000-5007
作者:  Li HF(李海峰);  Ceng FJ(曾凡江);  Gui DW(桂东伟);  Liu Z(刘镇);  An GX(安桂香);  Zhang LG(张利刚)
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Seasonal variations of antioxidant systems and osmotic adjustment of four types of desert plants 期刊论文
Proceedings 2011 Word Congress on Engineering and Technology, 2011
作者:  Zhu JT(朱军涛);  Li XY(李向义);  Zhang XM(张希明);  Lin LS(林丽莎)
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Study on the oasification process and its effects on soilparticle distribution in the south rim of the Tarim Basin,China in recent 30 years 期刊论文
Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2011, 卷号: 3, 页码: 69-74
作者:  Wu Yuwei;  Gui DW(桂东伟);  Ceng FJ(曾凡江);  Yang FX(杨发相);  Lei JQ(雷加强)
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Distribution pattern of plant species diversity in the mountainous Region of Ili River Valley, Xinjiang 期刊论文
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2010, 页码: 1--14
作者:  Xu, Yuanjie1, 2;  Chen, Yaning1;  Li, Weihong1;  Fu, Aihong1;  Ma, Xiaodong1;  Gui, Dongwei1;  Chen, Yapeng1
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BioDiversity - Forestry - Landforms - Phosphorus - Potassium - Soil Moisture - UnderWater Soils - Available Phosphorus - Canonical Correspondence Analysis - Distribution Patterns - Diversity Index - Environmental Factors - Environmental Gradient - Field Investigation - Generalized Additive Model - Herb Layer - Mountainous Regions - Organic Matter - Plant Communities - Plant Species - Plant Species Diversity - Response Curves - River Valley - Simpson - Slope Aspect - Slope Gradients - Soil Water Content - Species Diversity Index - Total Nitrogen - Unimodal - Vertical Structures - Wiener Index - Woody Plants - Xinjiang  
Soil properties at the tree limits of the coniferous forest in response to varying environmental conditions in the Tianshan Mountains, Northwest China 期刊论文
Environmental Earth Sciences, 2010, 期号: 4, 页码: 1--10
作者:  Xu, Wenqiang1;  Chen, Xi1;  Luo, Geping1;  Zhang, Qing1;  Lin, Qing2
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AtmosPheric Pattern - Combined Water - Coniferous Forests - Continuous Distribution - Electrical Conductivity - Environmental Conditions - Forest Soils - Forest Zones - Gain Insight - Heat Conditions - High Precipitations - Lower Limits - Natural Conditions - Northwest China - Organic Matter - Parent Materials - Soil Fertility - Soil Ph - Soil Profiles - Soil Property - Soil Sample - Soil Types  
Evaluation of water resources carrying capacity based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation on river basin in arid zone 期刊论文
Advanced Materials Research, 2010, 卷号: 113-116, 期号: 3, 页码: 488-494
作者:  Wang, Yue-Jian1, 2;  Yang, Guang3;  Xu, Hai-Liang4
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Arid Regions - Ecology - Economics - Environmental Management - Fuzzy Set Theory - Rivers - Stream Flow - Watersheds - Arid Zones - CarryIng Capacity - Development Process - Ecological Environments - Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation - Indicator System - River BasIn In Arid Zone - River BasIns - Social Economy - Space And Time - Supply And demAnd - Technological Progress - Water Resources CarryIng Capacities